If you're on a business account, you will need permission from your Zoom Admin.

Step 1: Click “request pre-approval” from the Zoom App authorization page.

Step 2: Loop in our security team with a copy/paste template below to help with approval from your Zoom admin.

Approval Request Email Template:

Send TO: YOUR ZOOM ADMIN (See below)

CC: security@demoflow.io


I am trying to use a free Zoom app called Demoflow. Can you approve it for use?

You should have received an email, but you can also approve it from this link:


Here are further instructions if helpful:


If you have questions about what it does or other security concerns, I cc'd security@demoflow.io on this request.


How to find your Zoom Admin:

You can find Account Admin for your Zoom account by signing into your Zoom account and selecting "Account Profile." The Account Owner line will have the email address of your organization's Zoom Account Admin.

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