If you need to include a full PowerPoint Presentation into Demoflow in order to preserve animations or the automatic live updates, Here's 2 ways:

DISCLAIMER: This is a work-around and we are actively working on supporting tighter integrations with PowerPoint and Google Slides

  1. Go the presentation you want to include
  2. Copy the link
  3. Create a new Demoflow Browser
  4. Log into Microsoft online
  5. Enter Presentation Mode within PowerPoint
  6. Launch the Demo!


Copy and paste url into Demoflow and Save:

In the "Check Urls", click "Present" within the PowerPoint interface!

You may need to exit full-screen mode after going into Present mode

From there you can launch the demo!

As a note, you will now how to use the Main Window (instead of the Private Meeting Dashboard) in order to control the slides portion of your presentation.

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