If you're an avid user of Demoflow's browsers and urls, you can now save your passwords to Demoflow and retrieve them quickly for any of your platforms!

DISCLAIMER: All passwords are saved LOCALLY on your computer's password manager (Keychain for Mac. Credentials Manager for Windows). We don't store anything on our Servers.

Creating and Using Passwords

Creating New Passwords

When you're on any Browser, you'll see the new "Passwords" option in the top bar. Simply click the "key" icon and open the password manager!

Once the Password Manager is opened, you'll be able to create, search, edit, and delete any passwords within the password manager.

We will automatically surface passwords that match the url that you are on to the top so that you can easily access them as the first option.

Additionally, the Autofill option works on most urls, and specifically on the password field. If it doesn't work, you can simply copy / paste the password as needed.

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