If your application has multiple user persona's (Admin, User, Moderator, etc...), and you want to showcase those use cases in Demoflow, this is how you can do it!

Creating Persona's

You can think of each persona as a "User" that would be using your software. For instance you could have "Admin", "Moderator", "Sales Rep", or if you have named persona's they could be "Jim CEO", "Jane CFO", "Jack CTO".

The persona name can be arbitrary, but should make sense in relation to your application.

Note: The default persona is you and will serve any urls where you DON'T need to demo as another person.

Persona & Browser Relationship

One of the best aspects about Demoflow is that any platform that you login to will stay logged in for other urls.

For instance, let's say you created a persona for Jane who is your mock end user. You then navigate to https://myapp.com and login with Jane's credentials and then save the url.

Now let's say you create a new browser at https://myapp.com/a-unique-module and before you save it, you select Jane as the persona. Because we logged into the platform before in the other browser, you will automatically be logged into this new browser.

This is best seen in the above video.

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