Building, personalizing, and running a presentation in Demoflow is incredibly easy to set up. Lets take a look.

Choose Account and Opportunity:

After clicking "Start new demo" on the "Demos" page, you'll be prompted with the "New Demo" screen. Select the Account and Opportunity that you're presenting to. Demoflow will automatically link this Demo to your CRM record, making it super easy to pull the current "Next steps", close date, deal size, etc and update them in real time. You can find an article on our Salesforce integration here.

Build your Demo:

Upon advancing, you can easily choose from a list of shared team assets, or assets you've already uploaded. If you need to, you can easily upload any new PDF or PPTX files.

Add live URLs:

You can click and drag URLs into your deck as a slide or add a new browser by clicking "Add new" in the top right.

Launch your Demo:

Once your demo is built and you're ready to get started, click "Launch". You can easily Preview URLs, and choose your presentations settings before getting started.

Demoflow is introducing an entirely new way to present software and opening up the possibilities for how you can actually present and run a product demo. There are endless possibilities on how you can utilize Demoflow. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

I hope this helps to outline how simple it is to start a demo

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