We are very excited to announce that we have just released new integrations with GSuite, Office Suite, and Zoom to enhance your workflow in Demoflow! We've built this based on the feedback of users and want you to know that your ideas, challenges, and goals drive this product!

With the new GSuite & Office Suite & Zoom integrations you can now:

  • Link your Gmail (Outlook) and Google (Office) Calendar to Demoflow

  • Send email through Demoflow from your Gmail / Office mail

  • Schedule Meetings and Post to your Calendars

  • Include Zoom links in the follow up invite.

Send a meeting request for the next meeting

  1. Navigate to any demo

  2. Click the "Follow Up" tab

  3. Click "Schedule Meeting" and select a meeting Date / Time

  4. Calendar invites will be sent to all prospects added to the invite

  5. Additionally, if you have Zoom connected, we will automatically include a Zoom link with the calendar invite!

Send a follow-up email after your presentation

  1. Navigate to any demo

  2. Click the "Follow Up" tab

  3. Click "Send new email" and craft your message

  4. Emails will be sent directly as you!

Best Practices

  1. Schedule your next meeting from the Meeting Summary page while you still have the prospect.

  2. Immediately send a follow-up email. Use an email template to really "wow" your audience with your speed!

  3. Include any prospects on invites and follow-ups.

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