Don't sweat it! With our new Getting Started checklist, we've incorporated our best practices for getting you activated quickly in Demoflow so that you can start using the platform for all future presentations today. Below is an outline of what steps are included and how you can take advantage of this feature!

Select "Getting Started" in the top right

demoflow landing page

The Demoflow Landing Page‍

Broken out into 3 sections: Setup, Demo Prep, and Demo Excellence

getting started picklist

Getting Started Menu

Click into each panel for further instruction on how to complete that step:

dropdown panel

Become a Demoflow Pro in no time with quick instructional videos

Track your progress to completion with the built-in Getting Started meter

getting started meter

Know how far you have left in your Demoflow onboarding

If you have any additional questions, never hesitate to reach out to in the chat or via email at

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