Cut down on your duplicate work by logging your completed demo as an Event or Call in Salesforce right out of Demoflow.Β 

Setup (Admins)

  1. Click on "Settings" under your name in the top right.Β 
  2. Make sure your Salesforce account is Linked
  3. Under the "Organization" section toward the bottom, you should see "Sync demos to Salesforce as:" and then a dropdown.Β 
  4. Select how you want demos to sync to Salesforce: Events or Calls
  5. That will define how Demos get logged in Salesforce

Sync Demos to Salesforce (Sales Team)

  1. Make sure that you've linked your Salesforce account to Demoflow
  2. Create a New Demo and select an Account and / or Opportunity (This will ensure that Demoflow pushes to the right place.)
  3. Click on "Documentation" tabΒ 
  4. In the "Salesforce" section, you will now see a button to "Log as Event in Salesfoce" Β or "Log as Call in Salesforce"

After you log the call, you can check Salesforce Activity and view it there.

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