One of the critical steps of the sales process is consistent and timely follow ups. That includes calls, meetings, and especially emails.

Creating Email Templates

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Email Templates in the sidebar

  3. Click "Create Email Template"

  4. Give the Template a Name (This is not the subject line)

  5. Optionally you can "Share" the template across the team if you have permission

  6. Compose your email template and save.

  7. Additionally, you can include {{ next_steps }} and {{ questions }} in the body of the email and Demoflow will auto insert any next steps and questions recorded on the demo.


Create Email Template:

Using Email Templates

  1. Go to the Follow Up tab in a Demo. 

  2. Click "New Email" or the "+" plus button to start a new email.

  3. Select and email template from the dropdown. This will show all of the email templates you own and templates shared with you from your team.

  4. Type, format, and send your email!

  5. If you have your Google / Office email linked to Demoflow, the email will send from your email provider as you!

Follow Up:

Email Templates:

Example Email Sent from Demoflow

What You See Is What You Get! That way you know exactly what the prospect will see and have confidence it it's look and feel! 

If you have any additional questions about email templates, don't hesitate to reach out via chat or via email at support@demoflowio

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